Table Header Banner 8-Ft


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TradeShowDisplay Stand’s 8’ Table Header Banner takes your trade show and event table to the next level in a way that helps you make the most use of your trade show booth and table space. The nine-piece aluminum frame of this 8’ over the top header kit assembles easily and includes two clamps to lock at the ends of your 8’ table securely. When fully assembled, the 8’ trade show table header measures 98” x 68” and includes a custom printed 98” x 19.5” dye sub fabric banner that includes sewn on hook and loop straps that secure it to the frame after is easily slips over the top of it. This over the top banner display sits 48.5” above your trade show or event table so that it stands out to everyone in attendance and doesn’t hide your logos or message behind your table or any staffers or visitors. It’s displayed within the sightline of everyone in attendance, giving your message maximum exposure the same way a custom printed backdrop would but with the space saving conference of being clamped to the sides of your 8’ trade show or event table.

Features and Benefits:

  • Nine-piece aluminum frame complete with table clamps to fit on ends of 8’ table
  • Frame assembles easily and measures 98”W x 68”H
  • Includes a custom printed 98” x 19.5” dye sub fabric banner with hook and loop construction
  • Custom printed stretch banner slips over the aluminum frame easily
  • Upgrades standard 8’ exhibition table to a custom, branded event table display
  • Provides a noticeable custom over the top table header that saves table and booth space
  • Perfect for trade shows, conferences, conventions and special events big and small
  • Increases exposure of banner with custom printed graphics standing 48” above table
  • Includes convenient  black zippered carrying case to make display highly portable

You have just a few seconds to catch the attention of an attendee at a trade show or conference and you need displays that will put you in the best possible position to get noticed at these shows. TradeShowDisplay Stand’s 8’ Table Header Banner sits 68” tall with a 98” x 19.5” custom printed dye sub fabric banner that sits a total of 48.5” off your 8’ trade show table. This over the top table header kit comes with two clamps making it easy to set the frame up on the ends of your 8’ event table. The aluminum frame has four vertical poles that easily connect on both sides of, three horizontal poles and two elbows that connect the vertical and horizontal poles together. In total the frame measures 98”W x 68”H and sets up in seconds. Simply set the frame up, slip your custom printed dye sub fabric banner over the top of the frame, secure it by clicking the hook and loop strips at the bottom of the banner together, attach the frame to the clamps on both sides of the table to hold the Table Header Banner display in place. Over the table banner displays help make sure your message gets noticed to all attendees at trade shows and conferences big or small. If also gives you the ability to showcase a logo display at a trade show or conference that might not have the space to needed to utilize a backdrop display or if you’re on a tighter budget as well. Pair this dye sub fabric over the table display with a custom printed dye sub fabric Table Cover and learn more about the dye sublimation printing process!

Purchase Includes: Hardware: 98” x 68” (when setup), Custom Printed Double-Sided Banner: 98” x 19.5”.


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