Silverstep Retractable Banner Stand 36″


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The Silverstep® Banner Stand is one of the most simple, yet popular and effective pull up banner stands on the market. The durable and sleek aluminum base of the 36” Silverstep weighs a portable 17lbs and includes your choice of a 36”W x 83” or 36” x 96”H vinyl or dye sub fabric banner and the Silverstep’s base is complete with chrome end caps. The pull up banner in your 36” Silverstep comes pre-attached in the base with sewn on hook and loop strips and includes a zippered carrying case with a web strap. Hook and loop straps are also inside the carrying case to secure the banner stand. Pockets inside the case hold the telescoping attachable pole that supports your retractable banner. The two piece pole is held together by a rope and slides into the slot on the base of the stand. The connecting piece of the Silverstep’s pull up banner slides over the top of the banner and secures to it and sits on the telescoping pole for a hassle free setup.  Setting up your Silverstep Banner Stand is simple and so is changing out your banner when you need new graphics or need to update your message. The banner is secured to the stand with hook and loop strips on the bottom that easily detaches and your replacement custom printed Silver Step dye sub fabric or vinyl banner attaches to the Silverstep Banner Stand easily, saving you time and money! Order the 36” Silverstep banner display to have the easiest to setup retractable banner stand at all your marketing events and trade shows!

Features and Benefits:

  • Highly portable and popular pull up banner stand
  • Sleek, durable aluminum base
  • Banner sizes available in 36”W x 83”H or 36”W x 96”H
  • Custom printed vinyl or dye sub fabric banner choices
  • Dye sub fabric banners printing using dye sublimation printing process
  • Graphics banner is pre-attached in the base by sewn on hook and loop strips
  • Effortless setup
  • 2-piece telescoping attachable support poles
  • Decorative chrome end caps on aluminum base
  • Shipped in a zippered carrying case with web strap, pockets and inside straps
  • Base, hardware and banner weighs total of 17lbs in carrying case
  • Vinyl or dye sub fabric Silver Step banner only option available

A lot of time and effort goes into planning your trade show booth or event marketing space and materials. The last thing you need is to have to worry about any of your marketing displays taking too much time and effort to display. The Silverstep® gives you a pull up banner stand that puts your mind at ease and is sure to impress. The 36” Silverstep Banner Stand has a lightweight and durable base that weighs just 17lbs and comes shipped to you with a 36”W x 83”H or 36”W x 96”H custom printed vinyl or dye sub fabric banner pre-assembled and in a zippered carrying case complete with a web shoulder strap and inside straps to secure the stand. All you have to do is connect the two piece telescopic pole together, insert it into the slot on the base, connect the sliding bar over the pull up banner and connect the banner to the pole. Professional and noticeable chrome end caps are also included when you order the Silverstep. Replacement banners are available and are affordable and easy to attach yourself with new custom printed graphics whether it’s on dye sub fabric or vinyl. Dye sub fabric banners are custom printed using a dye sublimating printing process that uses a heat press to make colors part of the fabric to create vivid, sharp full color images. Read more about how the dye sublimation printing process works in our Knowledge Center and check out or other Fabric Banner Displays!


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