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The Quest Banner Sign Stand is the perfect option for any marketer who needs a versatile display for their sales floor, trade show or conference exhibitors hoping to promote and sell any kind of product at a show or any marketer setting up a booth at an event or even grand opening with materials to sell or handout. Display your message and keep a well-stocked inventory of your product below your sign with a complete display that does it all. The Quest Banner sign display includes a full color, double side custom printed 22” x 36” Foam Board PVC. The Foam Board PVC poster includes grommets attached to the poster for easy hanging from the durable, all metal hardware pole and frame. Your custom graphics are created in full color on the 1/8” Foam Core PVC poster by using a UV printing process that dries ink quickly to make colors vivid and images extremely clear. Durable all-metal hardware for the Quest Banner display comes in your choice of sleek colors of Satin Silver or Matte Black. Both color hardware options have a powder coated finish to help combat any scuffs or scratches to your display. The telescoping display of the Quest Banner sign display adjusts up to 7-feet in height to showcase your sign visibly. Atop the telescoping pole is a 25” curved steel rod where your poster hangs from the “J” shaped hooks attached to the steel rode. The grommets that are attached on your poster free of charge slip through the “J” hooks for easy, visible hanging of the poster. The base of the display is an offset “shovel” type square base. The base for the Quest Banner Sign Stand is great for storing any sort of inventory for a store sale, giveaway materials at trade shows and other items that you can draw attention to using the poster that can be displayed up to 7’ on this banner display. You can even order multiple or replacement posters for the Quest Banner display to affordably promote multiple products or sales and still get the same use from the portable, all-metal hardware and save money. Order the Quest Banner Sign Stand for a complete marketing display for your next event or show!

Features and Benefits:

  • Quest Banner Sign Stand includes a full color, double sided printed poster
  • 22” x 36” full color printed 3MM 1/8” Foam Board PVC poster
  • Print using a UV printing process for sharp colors and graphics
  • Durable, all metal hardware unit
  • Telescoping hardware pole adjusts up to 7’H
  • 25” curved long steel rod to prominently hang Foam Board PVC poster
  • “J” hooks included on hanging rod to hang poster from attached grommets
  • Grommets attached to Foam Board PVC poster free of charge
  • Convenient 12” square base to fit inventory or merchandise under sign
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Powder coated hardware and stand available in sleek Satin Silver or Matte Black
  • Affordable poster replacement option available

Attract attention to your latest products or sale by using the Quest Banner Sign Stand with the Foam Board PVC poster than can hang as high as 7” thanks to the telescoping pole and a 12” square base to store inventory and products below your sign. All you need to do to set up your Quest Banner sign display is insert the first pole into connecting piece located at the side of the base. Screw the first bar into the connecting piece of the base. Then take the curved rod that has a screw protruding from the bottom of the pole and insert and fasten it into the second connecting pole piece for this display. Once the curved rod is secured to the second connecting pole, insert the top pole into the bottom pole that’s already attached to the base and screw it to tighten. Grommets are attached at the edges of the Foam Board PVC poster and they slide for easy hanging through the “J” hooks that are on the curved rod. You can also purchase an affordable poster replacement for your Quest Banner display to change up your marketing message or tailor it to target a specific audience at a trade show or sale. Try our other unique banner stand displays for trade shows and retail sales like the Poster Clamp Floor Display. Get all the information you need on any banner stand display by reading the Trade Show Displays & Banner Stand section it the Knowledge Center.


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