Electric Scrolling Banner


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Need at unique display that will allow your company to stand apart from your competitors and turn a stale trade show into an exciting, welcoming area for customers? With TradeShowDisplay Stand’s innovative Electric Scrolling Banner Stand, you can add movement to an advertising display instead of relying on a conventional, stationary exhibit that can appear dull and overused.

Features and Benefits:

  • 30″W x 152″L looped printed synthetic fiber banner
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Convenient aluminum case included
  • Movement adds interest to your display space
  • Maximizes your graphic display space in a compact stand
  • Constant steady rotation
  • Poster replacements available to update graphics

Our Electric Scrolling Banner Stand accommodates small spaces with a 30″ wide base. Perfect for trade show conventions, car or boat shows, hotel lobbies or point-of-purchase displays at retail stores, the movement of this display is sure to catch the eye of a nearby audience and peak interest in the information and imagery included on the the printed banner. Let TradeShowDisplay Stand’s talented in-house graphic designers create the desired layout and effective message your want on your display or simply submit to us a print-ready file at the end of the order process by referencing our art specification sheet.

Purchase includes: 1- 12.6-ft custom printed banner, 1- electric scrolling stand, 1- aluminum carrying case with handle.


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