Brochure Holder with Extra Capacity 8.5″W


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Have a lot of information to promote at a trade show, fundraiser, fair or special event? Carry a lot of brochures, catalogs or flyers? You need a way to store all that literature without letting it take over your table space or forcing you to hold it during the entire event. This 8.5”W Extra Capacity Brochure Holder allows you to store literature that is up to 8 ½”W and 11” in height, or allows you to store thinner pieces of literature that won’t force you to restock it as often. This brochure holder is made of clear plastic styrene so that anyone who comes to your table looking for your literature and information can see it through the stand. The deeper pockets allow you to stock it with extra literature items or bigger catalogs and magazines. There is also ribbing on the inside of the plastic holder to prevent any papers from sliding or bending. Take back your table space and promote your literature effectively with this 8.5”W Brochure Holder with Extra Capacity

Features and Benefits:

  • Convenient clear plastic styrene holder
  • Holds literature up to 8 ½”W x 11”H
  • Ribbing on bottom of inside holds literature in place
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Visible countertop brochure holder option

Keep your catalogs, magazines and sell sheets within visible reach of consumers at any trade show, special event or even at your office with this freestanding 8.5”W Brochure Holder with Extra Capacity. Don’t get stuck trying to hold and pass out your literature. You can free up your hands and your table space by utilizing these portable and effective plastic brochure holders. They’re durable, don’t take up too much space at your event table and they keep all of your literature visible to potential consumers. There is even ribbing on the inside of the pockets that keep all of your papers neat and prevent sliding forward. Order this affordable and easy organizing tool for your next trade show or fair!


Purchase Includes: 1- clear plastic styrene literature holder with extra deep capacity for larger brochures.


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