Brochure Holder Triple Tiered 6″W


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If you’re exhibiting at a trade show or promoting your business or organization at a conference, fair or special event, you probably bring some catalogs, flyers or some sort of literature with you to pass out to consumers. Make your literature easier to see and easier to hand out without taking over your event table with the 6”W Triple-Tiered Brochure Holder. The clear polystyrene pockets of the polystyrene brochure holders won’t block the information on your catalogs and flyers while being stored, it keeps a lot of literature stocked and organized and can be packed up or put out for every event you are promoting at. Desktop literature holders keep your event tables organized, looking professional while making sure your literature is visible to everyone who visits your table. The Triple-Tiered Brochure Holder holds literature up to 6”W and “H and a lot of it, so you’re not wasting time restocking it or organizing it yourself.

Features and Benefits:

  • Tripled-tiered clear polystyrene pockets
  • Double-wide holder set up
  • Holds literature up to 6”W and 8”H
  • Measures 2 5/8”H x 6”W
  • Portable and affordable literature organizing tool

The 6”W Triple Tiered Literature Holder features two side-by-side clear polystyrene pockets that are 1 3/8” deep and hold literature up to 6” wide, 8” high. If bringing a lot of catalogs, magazines and sell sheets to your trade shows and events and the goal is to hand as many out as you can to promote your business or organization, this Triple-Tiered Literature Holder is for you. It easily showcases all types of literature in the clear plastic pockets and sits visibility on your event table to be taken by anyone who comes to your table. It’s portable and affordable and keeps all your most important literature organized so you have more time to promote it and talk with anyone who comes to your table. Never worry about holding and trying to organize your literature again! TradeShowDisplay Stand offers a large selection of very visible Poster Stands that are floor-space saving as well as impressive banners like the Scrolling Table Top displays!

Purchase Includes: 1- 6″ wide triple tiered counter top literature holder.


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