Brochure Holder Triple Tiered 4″W


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If you’re hoping to pass out a lot of pamphlets and other company or organization information at a trade show or event, do it the easy and effective way with a 4”W Triple-Tiered Brochure Holder. This countertop sitting brochure holder is 4”W and has three tiered, clear styrene pockets that make it easy to display and organize brochures, pamphlets and other important literature that you need to promote your business or organization at trade shows, fairs and special events. The pockets are 1 ¾”D and the stand will hold literature up to 4”W x 7”H. It’s very easy for loose literature to on your table at an event to get messy and not be seen by consumers or potential customers. This 4”, narrow Triple Tiered Brochure Holder prevents both of those issues with a space saving and cost friendly organizing tool that every trade show exhibitor or event marketer should have on every trip!

Features and Benefits:

  • Triple-tiered pockets
  • Made of clear polystyrene
  • Holds literature of 4”W x 7”H
  • Highly visible literature organizing tool
  • 1 ¾”D pockets
  • Highly portable and affordable
  • Space saving literature holding option

Trying to keep your literature organized on your trade show or event table is not the best use of your time or the space on your table. Papers get shuffled and messy, aren’t visible to potential customers and it distracts you from talking with them when you could be promoting your organization or potentially making a sale. The 4”W Triple-Tiered Brochure Holder takes care of that for you with one affordable, necessary tool. The three tiers that are made of clear polystyrene materials keep your literature organized and make them visible, clearing up space on your table and freeing your time up to do what you came to the trade show or event to do: promote your business or organization.

Purchase Includes: 1- 4″ wide triple tiered literature holder.


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