4 Panel Straight with End Caps – Trade Show Display


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An upcoming trade show, special event or new marketing campaign requires the right advertising tools to set your company apart and gain valuable attention from consumers and competitors alike. TradeShowDisplays.nyc Stand’s  4 Panel Straight Trade Show Display with End Caps displays at a whopping approximate width of 115.5″W (that’s over 9-ft wide), plus the additional length of the end caps, for a trade show exhibit that is sure to draw attention to your company and message.

Features and Benefits:

  • Approximate size is 139″5″W x 87.5″H (end caps add about 1′ on both sides of 115.5″W)
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Easy to set up collapsible stand
  • (4) custom high-quality printed panels
  • (2) black end caps
  • (2) halogen lights
  • Convenient hard shipping container
  • Magnetic bars attach to hardware
  • Magnetic strips included on back of poster
  • Flexible PVC panels
  • UV printing process
  • Poster replacements available
  • Portable; can travel with display from event to event

This reusable trade show display is the perfect exhibit for the cost-conscious buyer. With magnetized printed panels that can be easily interchanged, you can have mulitple sets of graphics for different events or easily update your printed panels by ordering just poster replacements instead of a completely new unit. For further savings, the display includes everything you need to make a stellar presentation at your next event – from two halogen lights for spotlighting your printed message to a hard shipping container that will keep your booth and accessories protected from the wear and tear of regular usage. Invest in a trade show booth display from TradeShowDisplays.nyc Stand and you will have a professional company or event presentation tool instantly!


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